New Porch and Extended Parking

Our customer wanted to special things for their project. One, have a porch out front where they could sit in the shade of their beautiful tree and watch their grandson swing. Two, a place to park the husbands classic Trans Am.

This was in addition to replacing a crack and sunken driveway and a set of steps that were in irregular. The husband had recently had several leg injury and need to have steps that were easier for him to use.

The owners were very pleased with the results and have recommended us to several neighbors.

We had a funny incident while working on their project. The owners’ dog, a 150-pound Newfoundland, got out of the house was tramping through a new side walkway we were building. Our project manager captured her and got her back to the owner. We were able to fix up the footprints in the wet cement and got a good laugh out of it.