Making Dangerous Stairs Safe Again

We have a mixture of projects that we do each week. Some of it’s for the beautification of their back yard by adding a nice stamped patio with a firepit. Or they get nastygram from the HOA about an unsightly driveway. And then there is replacing dangerous steps and walkways.

That’s what this project was about.

The steps had dropped a couple inches and the first step off the front porch was dangerous, especially since they had a 6-week-old baby in the house. And water damage had caused a tripping hazard going from the walkway to the driveway.

We tore out the steps and short walkway, and then put a new downspout extension under the walk to get the water away from the cement. We also doweled the steps into the porch to keep it from sinking again.

Now people entering and leaving the house can be assured that they won’t have to worry about tripping or stepping onto a step that’s too steep.