Going Extra Mile to Prevent Home Damage

The project seemed pretty simple — just replace about 400 SF of garage floor at a home in Ken Caryl Ranch in West Littleton.

After removing the concrete, our project manager saw that a support post was barely on a caisson. The post was under a 20-foot span that support the front wall of the home.

Our project manager talked about it with the home owner and asked them if they’d see any damage in the rooms above this area. The three of them investigated and found significant cracking around the windows in the two bedrooms above.

We brought in Liftech Corporation, foundation and concrete lifting experts. to come in to investigate. They concurred that the post was a major issue. They came up with a solution and implemented it after we had finished the floor. They instructed us to leave the diamond-shaped opening so they could install a new post and create a better foundation for the post.

Most concrete companies wouldn’t have gone the extra mile to ensure the stability of the post. They would have likely just poured around it, and the damage to the house would have likely gotten worse.

As an added bonus, our project manager came back a couple days later to do a final inspection and also move the refrigerator back into their garage. We go the extra mile in many ways.